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Together towards a meaningful customer experience.

Take the customer service of your company to the highest level with ContactExpert. Our experts offer you in-house solutions, allowing you to provide outstanding customer service. Every single time.

Meaningful experiences make meaningful relationships.

Each contact between your organisation and a customer is a unique opportunity to build and strengthen your relationship. We strongly believe that positive interactions with your customer are the basis for a long and loyal relationship.  

At ContactExpert, we don't just want to provide your clients with customer interactions, but a sublime customer experience. How we achieve this? With experienced people who work at your location and speak to everyone in a friendly manner. With passion and the right skills.

Our employees are recruited on the basis of our proven staff mobility model, allowing us to shorten the selection procedure considerably and to guarantee experienced employees. Together with you, they ensure an excellent customer experience, helping you realise the intended objectives. Our experienced employees are committed and will embrace your company culture. We continue to invest in them through workshops and trainings. We strive to bring out the best in each other. And complement each other.

ContactExpert is your reliable partner. 

ContactExpert will help you reinforce your customer service with expertise and insourcing solutions. Our knowledge and motivation will give your customers and your team more confidence. All to the benefit of your business.

  • Fast, flexible and scalable insourcing solutions tailored to your organisation and intended goals 
  • Experienced and motivated employees who work at your location
  • Extensive customer service experience
  • Receive valuable insights and data about your current operations

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ContactExpert was originally a Managed Insourcing Solutions unit of IPG (market leader in customer contact in Belgium) member of Koramic2Engage. Due to the growth of our activities and expertise, ContactExpert became an independent company in 2020, which remains firmly anchored within Koramic2Engage. A Dutch ContactExpert branch was also established in 2021.

  • 2008 - Started as Managed Insourcing Solutions unit of IPG
  • 2013 - Also active on the Dutch market for HP amongst others
  • 2017 - 40 active employees
  • 2019 - Experts are widely deployed for Planning & Capacity, Coaching and Training
  • 2020 - ContactExpert becomes an independent company
  • 2021 - 100 employees active at 14 clients and establishment of ContactExpert The Netherlands
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