Business Process Optimisation

ContactExpert analyses and optimises your customer interactions, processes and inbound marketing.

Can the customer processes in your organisation be streamlined? Are your customer interactions at a high enough level? How efficient is your inbound marketing approach? These things cost a lot of time and effort. Meanwhile, you want to be able to tackle them flexibly but are experiencing constant pressure to reduce costs and an increasing administrative burden due to changing legislation. Fortunately, we can offer a suitable insourcing solution for many processes. 

With Business Process Optimisation (BPO), ContactExpert optimises the experience of your customers. Our experts closely examine your customer service department. Depending on your goals and plans, we analyse your customer interactions, processes and marketing. How can it be done better, more efficiently, more customer-oriented? Where is cost reduction possible? Where can innovation or digitalisation provide progress?

Our experts know everything there is to know about Project Management, Training & Quality and Forecast & Capacity. They will maximise their expertise and share it with your team to make your business grow.

Are you looking for a specialised partner to take care of your customer service on-site at your location, while you continue to lead? Would you prefer to focus on the core activities of your organisation? Then our insourcing solutions are just what you've been looking for.

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The advantages of BPO:

  • Cost reduction, flexibility and continuity
  • Focus on core activities
  • You keep control of the process
  • Improved quality throughout your customer service

Improve your customer contact

Our experienced customer care advisors handle all of your customer interactions at your office together with your internal customer service department.

Our experts manage and support your team.


Our people tell their story

Improving the quality by coaching the customer contact professional

How do you take your customer service expertise to the next level

In organisations where customer service is provided internally, along with a customer-focused and high-quality approach, there is an increasing emphasis on innovation and expertise. Read here how you can take your internal customer service to the next level.

Stay in touch with customers with an omnichannel communication strategy

Even in times with strict measures to help contain the coronavirus, it’s important to maintain contact with the customer. However, the way in which we stay in touch is constantly changing. Use this time to improve the current customer experience with an omnichannel approach.

From authenticity to customer loyalty

Customers are just like you and I: they have thoughts, goals and dreams. It might seem logical, but many companies seem to forget and focus on business priorities instead. Yes, business is important, but it’s the human aspect that makes customers loyal. Always keep the following three points in mind.
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