How do you take your customer service expertise to the next level?

In organisations where customer service is provided internally, along with a customer-focused and high-quality approach, there is an increasing emphasis on innovation and expertise. Read here how you can take your internal customer service to the next level.

Improving the quality by coaching the customer contact professional

Organisation-wide awareness

Many organisations are attaching ever greater importance to efficient and effective customer service. The importance of customer contact should not only be top of mind for members of the management, but for everyone who is actively involved in a customer-oriented organisation. Everyone within the organisation should be able to answer to the questions of why customer contact is so important, why the customer really is key, and why a customer focused strategy is applied. This is the only way to ensure that the customer truly comes first.

Join the development

Customer contact is evolving at lightning speed. It is therefore important for the internal customer service department to be aware of these developments, but also to dare to renew itself as a department. Internal customer service teams often tend to focus on day-to-day operational activity, but lose the long-term vision. So consider contributing to innovation in the context of coaching, working methods, measurability and technology.

Expertise in different areas

A third element is expertise, not only on the part of the advisor, but certainly also when it comes to guidance and support services. Professional guidance is therefore indispensable to support the team through knowledge sharing, coaching and follow-up. In addition, both the customer contact employees and the managers must have the right tools at their disposal. The IT department, when setting up the interaction flow or capacity management are also of crucial importance to achieving good customer contact. After all, these services have a direct influence on the technical course of the interaction or the accessibility and therefore also on the customer experience.

Spread the word about the importance of customer contact within your organisation, get on board with the lightning-fast developments and gain expertise. Not only in terms of interaction handling, but also in the context you provide. This will ensure that your internal customer service department delivers quality work and is able to face up to future challenges.

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