ContactExpert approach

Turn every customer contact into a successful customer experience.

Every customer contact is an opportunity to build a valuable relationship between customer and company. And that is exactly what we strive for together with you. A close partnership is key. 

Our extensive expertise and experience are the perfect starting point for a partnership in which we guide your customer service through every phase: start-up, optimisation or transformation. 
We can take over each process completely or partially, to remove of all of your worries. 

Depending on your needs, the partnership can take different forms: from reinforcement of your team with the right experts to a project you want to leave entirely up to us to advice to get your team going. We work custom-made, think in terms of solutions, are flexible and transparent. No decision is made without consulting with our partners. 

We firmly believe that people make the difference. That's why we select our motivated experts
specifically for your assignment. We work together with your team on a well-considered and sustainable "customer first approach" at all levels. Always on-site to get to know your team, processes and corporate culture quickly and efficiently.

Because meaningful experiences make meaningful relationships.

What our partners say about us

So enlightening!

As part of our process of continuous improvement, at Start People we are always looking for opportunities to optimise the productivity of our administrative helpdesk. That’s no simple matter given the peaks and drops in the volume of work.

We found one such opportunity at ContactExpert. Within the month, an experienced project manager got to work, tackling the job with thorough preparation. After four weeks of intensive analysis, ranging from interviews with employees to participating and carrying out various tasks, the potential optimisations were mapped out. A month later, several concrete improvement projects were in the pipeline. The result: projects completed, productivity optimised and an increase in satisfaction both internally and externally.

It’s so enlightening to be able to work with partners who, even without in-depth knowledge of the organisation, nevertheless do understand the challenges your business is facing and come up with real solutions very quickly.

Kelly De Regge, Unit Manager Mid-Office, Start People
Kelly De Regge
Unit Manager Mid Office - Start People
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