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ContactExpert provides quick and high-quality support for your interactions. Our experienced and service-oriented professionals have all the knowledge and skills required.

Is your customer service not always easily accessible? Do you find it difficult to cope with peak moments and do you miss out on valuable contacts? Are your employees' conversational skills not yet up to scratch, resulting in dissatisfied customers?

High-quality customer service is crucial to a successful customer experience. ContactExpert supports you in this area with experienced CX employees who work at your location.

Via ContactExpert you are always assured that you are getting an experienced customer contact expert. Our employees are specifically selected on the basis of our proven promotion model. This allows us to considerably shorten the selection procedure and we can guarantee experienced employees who, together with you, provide an excellent customer experience and can thus achieve your goals.

Our employees have proven experience in a customer service environment and are trained to handle every customer interaction in the most customer-friendly and effective manner.

If you choose to outsource your customer contact, but at your location, we will provide your customers with optimal assistance via the various channels: telephone, e-mail, social media, WhatsApp, chat and digital solutions. Our experienced team fully immerses themselves in your organisation or company and applies the best conversational techniques. This way, your customers are not only helped quickly, but also in a pleasant way.

The advantages

  • High customer satisfaction
  • Your organisation or company is optimally accessible
  • Immediately deployable employees with guaranteed proven experience
  • Fast selection procedures
  • Relieves your worries about the availability and quality of your own staff
  • Scalable and flexible solution through the use of trained experts
  • Cost savings through maximum efficiency

It's our pleasure to help you.


Improve your customer experience

Experienced and high-quality CX professionals at various levels.

Various CX Specialists who support your customer care organisation.


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