About ContactExpert

Together towards a meaningful customer experience.

You can take your company's customer service to the highest level together with ContactExpert. Our experts offer you specialised CX solutions that will enable you to realise an excellent customer experience together with your team. For each and every customer contact.

Meaningful experiences make meaningful relationships.

Every contact between your organisation and your (potential) customer is an opportunity to build and strengthen your relationship. We firmly believe that positive customer contact is the basis of strong customer loyalty.

At ContactExpert we don't just want to process a customer contact, but we want to create an outstanding customer experience. With experienced people who work at your location and who speak to everyone in a friendly manner. Who are dedicated and have the right competences.

Our employees are specifically selected on the basis of our proven intake model. This allows us to significantly shorten the selection procedure and we can guarantee experienced employees who, together with you, provide an excellent customer experience and can thus achieve the goals. Committed people who, thanks to their experience, can quickly identify with your company culture and who we continuously support with workshops and training. Because we always strive to bring out the best in each other and to complement one another.

ContactExpert is your reliable partner. 

Strengthen your customer service with the expertise and extensive customer experience solutions of ContactExpert. Thanks to our knowledge and motivation, you can give your customers and your team more confidence. And that will only benefit your business.

  • Fast, flexible and scalable insourcing solutions tailored to your organisation and intended goals.
  • Experienced CX employees, managers and specialists who work at your location.
  • Extensive training programmes for everyone from customer advisors to operational managers.
  • Insights through our consulting processes that you can immediately put to use.


ContactExpert originated as the Managed Insourcing Solutions unit of IPG (now known as WEngage). Due to the growth of our activities and expertise, ContactExpert became a separate company under Koramic in 2020. In 2021, a Dutch ContactExpert branch was also established and in 2023, training and consulting services were added to the range.

  • 2008 - Started as the Managed Insourcing Solutions unit of IPG
  • 2013 - The insourcing activity is gradually expanded in the Netherlands
  • 2017 – Workforce of 40 employees 
  • 2019 - Experts are widely deployed for Planning & Capacity, Team Coach, Training
  • 2020 - ContactExpert becomes an independent company under Koramic
  • 2021 - Foundation of ContactExpert in the Netherlands.
  • 2022 - 200 employees active in the Benelux region
  • 2023 - Addition of Consultancy & Training services for the Benelux region

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