Turn every customer contact into a successful customer experience. 

Collaboration is the backbone of our service. Because even though we always strive for a 100% successful customer experience, we can't do it alone. We firmly believe in a strong partnership in which our experts will help you achieve your goals and install sustainable solutions and processes. 

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Our experts take care of your customer interactions.

Our experienced customer care advisors handle all of your customer interactions at your office together with your internal customer service department. Providing you with a scalable and flexible solution that increases your customer satisfaction and doesn't distract you from your core business. 

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Our experts manage and support your team.

Get your in-house customer service staff into shape with the support of real ContactExperts. Our executives manage your employees and our own ContactExpert employees at your location. Keeping an eye on skills, current processes and the goals of your company.

Our managed insourcing solutions


ContactExpert analyses and optimises your customer interactions, processes and inbound marketing. 

How can things be better, more efficient and more customer-oriented? With these questions in mind, our experts examine your customer service and draw up a plan to bring your customer interactions, processes and inbound marketing to a higher level. The key to success? Sharing our customer contact expertise, such as Project Management, Training & Quality, Forecast & Capacity to achieve cost reduction, innovation and digitalisation.

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Stay in touch with customers in times of crisis with an omnichannel strategy.

Even in times with strict measures to help contain the coronavirus, it’s important to maintain contact with the customer. However, the way in which we stay in touch is constantly changing. Use this time to improve the current customer experience with an omnichannel approach.

From authenticity to loyalty.

Customers are just like you and I: they have thoughts, goals and dreams. It might seem logical, but many companies seem to forget and focus on business priorities instead. Yes, business is important, but it’s the human aspect that makes customers loyal. Always keep the following three points in mind.

How can your customer service exceed expectations?

Customer service is constantly evolving, driven by shifting customer expectations and market disruptions. In addition to external developments, there are internal expectations and a new skillset for the customer service employee to learn. As an organisation, how do you ensure that your customer service employees are ready and willing to exceed these expectations?
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