CX Specialists

ContactExpert helps you with the deployment of various CX Specialists who can assist you in the short term on many aspects of your customer care organisation. Project management, Training & Quality, Forecast & Capacity hold no secrets for our experts.

Are you looking for a specialised partner who relieves you of worries and provides added value? Would you prefer to focus on the core activities of the organisation? Then our CX specialists are the answer.

With ContactExpert, you can rely on the temporary or structural deployment of staff, including:

  • Project & programme managers for CX-related process, management and IT implementations, but certainly also for supervising processes of change.
  • WFM planners & forecasters.
  • WFM tooling (software) experts.
  • Knowledge Management experts for advice & guidance.
  • Trainers for CX content.
  • Quality Managers.
  • Commercial specialists who can support you with drawing up, supervising and assessing RFIs and RFPs and making cost calculations.
  • ...

Looking for a specialty that is not listed here? Contact us and we will see what kind of solution we can find for you, based on our extensive network.


Improve your customer experience

Our experienced and service-oriented customer contact staff are standing by.

Experienced and high-quality CX professionals at various levels.

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