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Have you been a successful customer advisor for at least 3 years now? Do you have the talent to realise your leadership ambitions in Customer Care? Sign up now for ContactExpert's 'Licensed To Lead' programme!

Under the guidance of a mentor, during this programme, we will train you to become a successful Team Coach/ Team Leader / Supervisor responsible for a team of customer advisers/agents and we will offer you a challenging and varied career perspective within our sister organisation WEngage or with one of our clients.

It doesn't stop there: after your education and your employment, we will continuously guide and coach you, so that you can continue to grow. In addition, we keep an eye on your ambitions, talents and skills in the context of your further career with us!

Interested? Read below exactly how this programme works.

'Licensed To Lead'-programme

The programme has been designed by our trainers and experts in such a way that you will be well and fully prepared for your future management tasks. Below is an overview of the programme:

We will talk together to get to know each other better, of course, but also to discover your motivations and what mutual expectations are. We will explain the programme in greater detail and ask you to take some tests to see if you meet the minimum requirements to participate in this programme.

After a positive completion of the Intake and Test, you will receive three highly practical training sessions, fully based on your future role:

  • A 4-day Leadership & Coaching training, with which we will give your leadership and coaching skills a solid boost.
  • This is followed by the 2-day Contact Center Mechanics training course, which will give you full insight into the operation of a modern Contact Center and how you can use that knowledge in your day-to-day work.
  • We conclude with a 2-day training in LEAN management that will help you structurally increase and safeguard the results of your future team.

Between and after the training sessions, you will do a traineeship for a few weeks, under the supervision of a mentor. You will actively help manage an operational team of customer advisors on one of our customer projects, in order to give you the opportunity to put what you have learned into practice.

This last step includes a final test to see to what extent you have mastered all the subject matter. After that, we will review the entire process together with you and the mentor, we will look at the test results, listen to your feedback and give our opinion on your strengths and areas for improvement. Depending on the outcome of this evaluation, we will decide whether you are indeed 'Licensed to Lead'!

Time to get to work!

When the programme is over, you will be deployed as a leader of a team of customer advisors/agents at one of our clients or at WEngage itself. If you are deployed at one of our clients, you will be operationally accountable to your manager there, but you will always be supported by your ContactExpert manager and the client’s organisation. You are never alone!

If you are deployed at one of our clients, this will mainly be in Flanders and the Brussels region. If you are deployed at WEngage itself, it will be at one of the locations in Diegem, Hasselt, Leuven, Liège, Antwerp or Ostend. Of course, we always discuss your options and preferences in advance!

Working hours
These will depend entirely on the client and/or the project you will be leading, but they are often normal office hours. Here, too, we will take your preferences into account as much as possible.

What do we ask from you?

To be eligible for the Licensed To Lead programme, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • You are aged 25 or over
  • You have at least 3 years of experience as a customer advisor/agent in a call center environment or customer service organisation
  • Full-time availability is preferred, 4/5ths (80%) is negotiable
  • Dutch is your mother tongue or at least at level C1
  • If you are bilingual, your command of the French language is at least at level B2
  • You are comfortable using PCs and peripherals
  • You have basic skills in MS Excel and MS Word
  • You have good analytical skills
  • You are stress resistant
  • You work accurately and value a results-oriented work ethic
  • You can handle numbers, reports and charts

Additionally, only for candidates from WEngage:

  • You have not been rejected for a Senior Agent or Team Coach/ Team Leader / Supervisor position in the past 12 months.

What can you expect from us?

  • At the start you will receive a temporary contract for 3 months, followed by a contract for an indefinite period if you are suitable.
  • An attractive salary
  • Participation in group insurance
  • Mobile telephone
  • Laptop
  • Company car with fuel card (indefinite period at the start of the contract)

What next?

Apply now for the 'Licensed To Lead' programme

Would you like to know more details first? Let us know via the contact form or call us!

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