CX Consulting

Together with you, we discover whether, through our experiences and expertise, we can contribute to a solution, an idea or a vision. A concrete action that you can immediately adopt and that yields tangible results.

Tipping point

‘Consulting’ is not a one-way street with us. What we prefer to do is to act as your sparring partner, to think and exchange ideas about the present and the future: how can we improve the entire customer experience and make it more efficient for your customers and for you as an organisation? That’s good for you, but also for us. Because this way, you’ll remember ContactExpert as the party that really contributed, just like we’ve done for others before.

Customer Care as we know it is at a tipping point. New techniques, innovations and changing consumer behaviour are significantly changing the landscape. Despite that, today's business continues as usual. We must make the necessary renovations, while keeping the store open and keeping the customers satisfied. How are we going to manage that?

This is where ContactExpert wants to provide added value. With our extensive experience and expertise in CX processes, control, tooling and innovations, we will help you achieve this. ContactExpert has widely deployable in-house experts and a solid (inter)national network to meet almost any need.

Making existing knowledge practically applicable

A great deal of knowledge is already freely available about the best design and management of a customer care department. However, the hardest part is converting this theory into daily practice without high costs and risks.

Where a partner like ContactExpert will unburden you and provide added value is when you make that knowledge practically applicable or use it for further optimisation. In short, how do you turn theory into a working and profitable CX operation? Feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you, at no obligation.

Organisation and processes

Create the perfect interplay between directional leadership, management, processes, people and performance.

Discover CX Organisation and processes

Innovation and tools

Together we look for smart combinations of technological resources to arrive at a truly new approach.

Discover CX Innovation and tooling


We map out your current Customer Care and compare it to standards to gain valuable insights.

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What can we help you with?

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