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Stay in touch with customers in times of crisis with an omnichannel strategy.

Even in times with strict measures to help contain the coronavirus, it’s important to maintain contact with the customer. However, the way in which we stay in touch is constantly changing. Use this time to improve the current customer experience with an omnichannel approach.

From authenticity to loyalty.

Customers are just like you and I: they have thoughts, goals and dreams. It might seem logical, but many companies seem to forget and focus on business priorities instead. Yes, business is important, but it’s the human aspect that makes customers loyal. Always keep the following three points in mind.

How to avoid holiday blues in your team as a manager.

The need to take a break or get away has never been greater than now. And despite the fact that we need to take the Covid-19 measures into account when travelling, one thing is certain: enjoying a well-deserved holiday, abroad or at home, is good for you. On the other hand, coming back to work is not easy and it’s easy to forget you even had a holiday in the first place. As a manager, how do you motivate your team and prevent holiday blues?

How can your customer service exceed expectations?

Customer service is constantly evolving, driven by shifting customer expectations and market disruptions. In addition to external developments, there are internal expectations and a new skillset for the customer service employee to learn. As an organisation, how do you ensure that your customer service employees are ready and willing to exceed these expectations?

How excellent customer contact strengthens your reputation.

Every organisation has experienced it: someone criticises your services or organisation and happily shares it on social media or other channels. The customer service employee plays a crucial part here, despite a reputation management policy. With these 3 tips, your customer service can strengthen the reputation of your company or brand.
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