Stay in touch with customers in times of crisis with an omnichannel strategy.

Even in times with strict measures to help contain the coronavirus, it’s important to maintain contact with the customer. However, the way in which we stay in touch is constantly changing. Use this time to improve the current customer experience with an omnichannel approach.


An omnichannel approach makes the customer experience more personal. Customers contact us via the channel of their choosing, so every contact is already adapted to the customer's channel preferences and the related communication style. It goes without saying that it’s important to use or connect each channel equally to not relapse into a multichannel strategy.


An omnichannel strategy should transcend the different online and offline worlds. For example, allow the customer to look for the answer to his own question but make sure that when he fails to do so, another interaction supports him. This can be by phone, chat, e-mail or social media depending on the customer's choice. Only an omnichannel strategy allows multiple channels to be used simultaneously by employees and customers.


The easier it is for a customer to use multiple channels simultaneously for their own specific needs, the more likely they are to do business with the company again due to the omnichannel experience offered. Remember: every contact is an opportunity and a way to reward customers for their loyalty, handle their complaints or even win them back.


Whenever you implement multiple channels at the same time, you obtain different leads, opportunities and customers who only interact through certain channels. It’s possible to combine your audiences by enabling smoother transitions between telephone, SMS, chat and e-mail. This is especially important for customer service agents, as it allows them to resolve tickets faster by looking at certain channels in and out of the office. Your in-house ContactExperts are familiar with posting Frequently Asked Questions on the company's social media to resolve the issue in public. This reduces the inflow to customer service and encourages other customers to respond via social media as well.

In short, an omnichannel approach is always the way to go. However, before you start, first analyse what the customer wants and what you as an organisation can feasibly offer in return. Remember: the starting point remains the needs of the customer.