How to avoid holiday blues in your team as a manager.

The need to take a break or get away has never been greater than now. And despite the fact that we need to take the Covid-19 measures into account when travelling, one thing is certain: enjoying a well-deserved holiday, abroad or at home, is good for you. On the other hand, coming back to work is not easy and it’s easy to forget you even had a holiday in the first place. As a manager, how do you motivate your team and prevent holiday blues?

Be prepared

Avoiding holiday blues starts before your employees go on leave. A clear overview of upcoming leaves should be kept at all times, allowing for a fair share of the work. This will help avoid an endless number of tasks when the employee returns. This preparation not only gives you peace of mind as a manager but also provides confidence to the team as they can enjoy their holiday without having to worry. Also ask the team what their plans are for the holiday. This is important information, especially in these corona times. Tell employees to be careful when they go abroad and tell them that you want to see them return in good health.

The first day

Your team members will be all too happy to share what they experienced during their holiday, but the day of their return might not be the best moment to catch up. Make it a habit to call the employee to find out how their leave went and use the opportunity to schedule a physical or digital meeting as soon as possible (preferably the same day). In this meeting, discuss how the holiday went, what they missed at the office and what is coming up. Explain the priorities and provide some guidance in their chaotic return. Try to have this meeting as soon as possible because often these first moments back at the office are the most overwhelming.

New insights

Besides providing structure for returning employees, it’s important to put their newfound energy to work. Explore with the employee how he or she would deal with certain issues or problems. It would be a pity to fall back into the daily routine without making the most of this new energy.


Give the employee time and space to settle back in and adapt to the work pace. Remember to schedule a meeting at the beginning of their return and another at the end of the week. This is a good opportunity for the employee to share any uncertainties and frustrations. This will give you key insights into the development and motivation of the employee and the space to make adjustments where necessary.

It goes without saying that holidays are good for everyone. Together with your team, make sure that the holiday period has a positive effect on things at the office. Solid preparation, a clear return policy and the right follow-up will also allow you to enjoy a well-deserved holiday!